Athyuttam Eleti

Software Engineer, Product Designer

My name is Atty, and I’m a senior studying computer science and design at Brown University. I’ve worked at Figma, Facebook, and KAYAK in the past, and am learning how to be a great systems designer — unpacking complex problems to find simple solutions.

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Side Projects


A Chrome extension that allows users to snooze their tabs to come back in a few days, that weekend, next week, and so on. The extension was #1 on Product Hunt upon launch, and has received over 770 stars on GitHub.


A voice-controlled personal assistant for the web. Built in 36 hours at PennApps Fall 2014; featured on’s developer showcase.


An in-restaurant ordering app powered by Bluetooth beacons. Prototyped at PennApps Spring 2015.


Course website for CS22: Discrete Structures and Probability. In addition to being completely responsive, it features intelligent cues on the status of TA hours, the next lecture, and the upcoming assignment.

Touch Art Gallery

Research project that allows museums to display large artworks through touch-screen devices. I contributed to the project in Spring 2014 working under Prof. Andy van Dam at the Brown Graphics Lab.